30. Joseph Clyde LESLEY was born on 12 Jul 1896 in Independence County, Arkansas. He died on 28 Mar 1943 in Independence County, Arkansas. Clyde Lesley's daughter Geneva writes that he was the light of her life and the life of the party. "I wish everyone could have known him." He was a wonderful man and a great story teller. While growing up, we would sit around the supper table and he would tell us stories about things he did as a child. You never tired of listening to his stories or hearing him laugh. I wish my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren could have known him. He was loved by all.

His youngest daughter writes, "I can only remember about four different days in my Daddy's life." I remember one day when Daddy was making sorghum molasses for someone. He would dip the foam off the top and put it in a lid that went on a gallon tin bucket. That was the best tasting molasses that I ever ate. By the way, I have his sorghum pan that he used to cook-off sorghum. One day we went over in the field to work and Daddy got sick. So he and I came back to the house. I was hungry and he made us some hot cakes with sorghum on top. I remember one day Daddy and Dale went to town around my sixth birthday. They bought me a little gold colored tea set. I don't have any of it now, but maybe sometime I will be able to find one. Then I remember the last day that I saw him. He was sick and Bill Prier helped him out across the porch and down the steps to the car. He went to the hospital. I loved him very much.

He was married to Bertha Hester Adaline SMITH (daughter of John Marion SMITH and Martha Jane SPIVA) on 11 Jul 1915 in Independence County, Arkansas. Bertha Hester Adaline SMITH was born on 31 Oct 1896 in Independence County, Arkansas. She died on 30 Oct 1978 in Batesville, Independence Co., Arkansas. Hester Lesley was widowed at an early age and faced her responsibilities with great courage. She was strong and could be stern, but was always there with wise words of advice. Life was not easy for her but she fought to make it as good as she could. She earned much respect and admiration from all who knew her. She was totally independent until she was stricken with a stroke at the age of 69. She was loved by all who knew her and was greatly missed.

Her daughter Nancy writes, "There are so many good memories about Mother that I can't write them all down." She was a wonderful mother. She was both mother and father to me after Daddy died. She always put Tom and me first. I guess she did the first four kids that way too. She had to work so hard to make a home for us. She had worked in many homes in Batesville, cleaning their houses, taking care of their children and their parents who were bedfast. I can remember hearing her say that she hoped that she wouldn't have to be taken care of in that way. But, as we all know, it did not happen that way. Bless her heart. But one thing that I will always remember, is that Mother taught me the Golden Rule; to always do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " I will always love you, Mother." Joseph Clyde LESLEY and Bertha Hester Adaline SMITH had the following children:

child+34 i. Juanita LESLEY was born on 11 Feb 1916 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child+35 ii. Geneva Clydella LESLEY was born on 15 Sep 1920 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child+36 iii. John Dale LESLEY was born on 6 Feb 1922 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child+37 iv. Lamorion Deloris LESLEY was born on 1 Aug 1925 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child+38 v. Thomas Graden LESLEY was born on 23 Sep 1934 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child+39 vi. Nancy Jolene LESLEY was born on 11 Jan 1937 in Independence County, Arkansas.

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