23. Thomas Jefferson LESLEY was born on 16 May 1862 in Russell County, Alabama. He died on 3 Feb 1942 in Independence County, Arkansas. He was buried on 4 Feb 1942 in Providence Cemetary Sharp Co., Arkansas.

He was married to Emma Frances HERZIG (daughter of Peter George HERZIG and Martha Ann CRAFTON) on 11 Jun 1885 in Independence County, Arkansas. Emma Frances HERZIG was born on 4 May 1864 in St Louis County, Missouri. She died on 17 May 1948 in Independence County, Arkansas. The following message was written by Emma's daughter-in-law, Hester Lesley on a Christmas Card that Emma sent to her in December 1947. The message is dated February 12, 1969.

She was making her home at the time with her daughter Nellie Stout. She had just lost her husband in February 1942 and tried to live at the old Home, and did until she fell and broken her hip and she was moved to the hospital for 21 days. And then we had her brought to my house her son's wife who taken care of her and in June she got to where she could walk with a crutch and she lived until May 17, 1948. Those last few years was so hard for her. In 1943 she lost her son Clyde Lesley and of course that was really hard on her. But bless her heart she was so sweet and always pleased with what ever they said to her or of course things I know broken her heart. But I have one consolation to say from my heart I tried to treat her as if she was my own Mother. My daughter and her husband and children and I and Nancy went up to see her Sunday before she passed away Monday. I didn't have no way to go visit then and they got a couple to stay there and as I had to work and make our living. I know that she is at rest with Jesus now which Clyde and Dad is and I mean to be there too.
--- Hester Thomas Jefferson LESLEY and Emma Frances HERZIG had the following children:

child28 i. Martha LESLEY was born on 3 May 1886 in Independence County, Arkansas. She died on 8 Oct 1905 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child29 ii. Benjamin LESLEY was born on 8 Feb 1889.
child+30 iii. Joseph Clyde LESLEY.
child31 iv. Nellie Catherine May LESLEY was born on 22 Sep 1899 in Independence County, Arkansas. She died in Apr 1986 in Independence County, Arkansas. She was buried in Providence Cemetary, Sharp Co., Ark..
child32 v. Margret Ann LESLEY was born on 20 Mar 1903 in Independence County, Arkansas.
child33 vi. William Cleo LESLEY was born on 12 Dec 1905 in Independence County, Arkansas.

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