1. Abel PRIER was born on 11 Apr 1801 in KY. He died on 27 Aug 1874 in Crawford County, Illinois. Abel was an astute businessman. He was a successful farmer and dealer in timber. He had an extraordinary love for the outdoors and was especially fond of hunting which was his favorite diversion as long as he lived. Abel amassed several tracks of valuable land and raised a large family during his lifetime.

He was married to Frances MARTIN (daughter of John MARTIN and Margret (Peggy) GARRARD) on 19 Mar 1827 in Illinois. Immediately after their marriage they moved to what is now Coles County. County boundaries were changing during those years and it was probably Clark county at the time since Alfred, Abel's oldest son, was born in Clark County in 1829 and Coles County was not formed until 1830. Abel and Frances moved back into Crawford County in 1831 settling near Hardinville. Frances MARTIN was born in Jun 1810 in KY. She died about 1896 in Arkansas. From The Robinson Argus Crawford County, Illinois June 24, 1896

A Surprise to Mrs. Prier

Wednesday last was the 86th birthday of Mrs. Frances Prier, widow of Abel Prier. A surprise dinner was given her at the home of her sister, Mrs. Foster Donnell. S. A. Shipman and wife, of this city, who are relatives, attended, and Mr. S. furnishes The Argus with the following particulars: There was gathered together 140 of the relatives and friends, among them being three of her sisters, Mrs. Caroline Donnell, Mrs. Abrilla Thomas and Mrs. Jane Shipman, the youngest 79 years, and her two brothers, Bethel and Harrison Martin, aged 75 and 66 respectively. Mrs. Prier was born in Kentucky and her parents came here when she was a child. A sermon was preached by Kinder Salathiel Lamb, and dinner followed. It is such occasions and such reunions that make the rugged road of life smooth and pleasant as the end approaches, and this will have a pleasant memory not only for the venerable and respected old lady in whose honor is was given, but for all taking part in it. Abel PRIER and Frances MARTIN had the following children:

child2 i. William PRIER died on 22 Jan 1873. He was born in Illinois.
child+3 ii. Alfred PRIER.
child+4 iii. James PRIER.
child+5 iv. Joseph E. W. PRIER.
child6 v. Albert PRIER was born on 16 Jan 1839 in Illinois. He died on 4 Dec 1886 in Illinois.
child+7 vi. Allen PRIER.
child8 vii. Abel PRIER was born about 1840.
child9 viii. Josiah PRIER was born about 1844.
child+10 ix. Abrilla PRIER.
child+11 x. Emeline PRIER.
child+12 xi. Alvin PRIER.

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