25. Fred PRIER was born in Dec 1876 in Crawford County, Illinois. He died after 1916. They moved to somewhere near Hot Springs, Arkansas sometime before 1913 where they probably spent the rest of their marriage. During the marriage they had two daughters. Ellen Grace was born October 10, 1900. Lilly Mae was born April 2, 1913.

Fred Prier disappeared in mid 1915 after a dispute with Rosie. Rosie was pregnant with their third child at the time. Rosie moved with the two youngest children, sometime around 1919, to an area in the vicinity Batesville and Newport, Arkansas. Ellen, the oldest daughter, was married about this time.

He was married to Rosie FAIRFIELD (daughter of Dick FAIRFIELD) on 11 Jun 1900 in Cross County Arkansas. Rosie FAIRFIELD was born on 14 Feb 1882. She was buried in Feb 1944 in Robinson's Cemetery, Newport, Jackson Co., Arkansas. She died on 5 Feb 1944 in Newport, Jackson Co., Arkansas. Fred PRIER and Rosie FAIRFIELD had the following children:

child+47 i. Ellen Grace PRIER.
child+48 ii. Lillie Mae PRIER.
child+49 iii. William Perry PRIER.

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