43. Clara PRIER was born on 21 Jan 1897 in Tilton, Arkansas. She died on 17 Feb 1986 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Clara died exactly 40 years after her mother died. Clara was very spiritual and wrote many inspirational poems and verses such as:

"I will come to You"

When shadows fall across my way,
And darkness has replaced the day,
When no one else can understand -
Then to extend his blessed hand -
Christ comes to me.

In the death enshrouded room,
And the shadow of the tomb,
He does not leave me comfortless,
To calm my weary hart, my soul to bless,
Christ comes to me.
- Clara

Samuel Fisher WORK was born in 1884 in Malden, MO. He died on 11 Jan 1952 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Clara PRIER and Samuel Fisher WORK had the following children:

child53 i. James Prier WORK was born on 8 Jul 1927 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

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